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I am looking for an Invisalign Orthodontist in Montgomery. How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a custom made virtually invisible and removable aligners, also known as invisible clear braces, made of smooth, comfortable plastic that you wear over your crooked teeth. As Invisalign is made of clear plastic there is no metal brackets or wires which will badly effect or harm any part of your mouth. These clear plastic aligners gradually and smoothly shift your teeth into correct place, based on the exact movements your dentist or orthodontist plans out for you. Every 2 weeks after you have to wear a new set of clear aligners to fix your teeth position and the best part is that, it is completely a painless treatment procedure.

Invisalign works by using a series of retainer-like aligners to gradually move the teeth into the optimal position. In your initial appointment, your orthodontist will likely take an impression of your teeth, using a special putty that hardens quickly. This putty will then be used to make a mold of your teeth, which is then used to create your aligners. The doctor will create a treatment plan based on the problems you would like to be addressed, as well as what the doctor feels needs to be addressed, in order to improve the health of your mouth.

Each retainer will gradually push your teeth towards the desired location. Like traditional braces, this happens very slowly. Your first retainer, for example, will be molded not to fit the current position of your teeth, but to fit your teeth after their first stage of movement. Because the grooves of the aligner will push against your teeth, they will gradually begin to move, until they fit perfectly into the aligner. That is how you know it is time for the next stage of aligners.

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I am looking for affordable orthodontics Montgomery – What Options Do I have to Straighten my Teeth?

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Teeth never stop moving so it is important to understand the habits that might be contributing to your teeth crowding. Often that can be related to mouth breathing or swallowing habits. But once established usually need to be fixed.


Braces metal or ceramic brackets glued to your teeth either on the front or back which uses a wire to slowly move your teeth into a position, usually much straighter over a period of time. This usually fights against your muscles to move your teeth but works really well. Gives the greatest amount of control and the most predictable.

Invisalign or otherwise a clear aligner. The Invisalign patent is expiring so there are other brands coming to market. Sequential clear plastic tooth positioners that slowly put pressure on your teeth to move them sequentially into new positions. It works well, it is tricky to use for complicated cases. Its like playing chess except you set all your moves in advance and hope that the teeth move as planned. It definately has its place and can create some excellent results but often requires ‘attachments’ glued to your teeth. Quite popular but gives limited control and may require many corrections, which take time.

Myobrace is a muscle trainer that comes with oral myology exercises, this also has its limitations, it is a one size fits all approach and relies on people to regularly do exercises. Most people struggle and it takes a really long time in adults with mixed success.

Mouth appliances. There are removable appliances that can straighten teeth most popular of which is the inman aligner. It has limitations often only applies to the front 6 teeth but that is mostly what people want straighter. You get improvements but does not provide perfect smile design.

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When it comes to choosing between affordable braces Montgomery and Invisalign… Which is Better? Invisalign or Braces?

It depends on how serious the problem is and Ofcourse your personal preference. If you’re really concerned about the look of metal braces on you, then invisalign is a better option as they’re are removable.

I would personally recommend metal braces anyday as they serve the purpose well and can give you the desired results within the estimated time. The cost difference is not much and that wouldn’t generally be the reason behind suggesting a particular method. There are many varieties in metal braces too you may wanna check out before deciding.

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